In this series we will learn lessons from Paul’s letter to Galatia, that will help us to live ‘The Called-out’ life that God desires us to live.

The Called Out – The Gospel – Stephen Orr 09/01/22

Prepare As we approach Sunday take time to read the passage: Galatians 1:1-10 and consider these questions: Note any words that standout to you.Compare the opening verses of Galatians with that of Colossians and Philippians.How do they differ and what do you think this says about the Paul’s heart and motivation?What do you think the…

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The Called Out – The Call – Stephen Orr 23/01/22

Prepare As we approach Sunday, take time to read the passage: Galatians 1:10-24. Also read Act 8:1-3 and Acts 9:1-31. These passages will help us understand the background to what Paul was writing to the Galatians about. Here we see the powerful and amazing transformation that took place in Paul because of Jesus. Note any…

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