Journey Through – King Hezekiah – 23/04/23

Passages: 2 Kings 17-20

In these chapters we see the Fall of Israel and the start of the Fall of Judah. As we come to them we must read them as a warning to us as a church.

Kingdoms Fall

In chapter 17 we see the fall of Israel and the fall of the people who resettled the land. What are the lessons for us?

The Cycle

  • Follow God
  • Fall Away
  • Follow Idols
  • Faithful Messenger
  • Ignore
  • Punishment

As I read through these chapter it was the fate of the next generation that struck me due to the unfaithfulness of the parents.

The Warning

The Next Generation

  • Child Sacrifices 17:17

The people literally sacrificed their children in fire. Are we sacrificing our children to the idols and priorities of the world?

  • Follow the way of Fathers 17:40

The next generation did what their parents did. Our kids see our priorities and that influences them, therefore we must ask ourselves, with humility, what do they see?

  • Only thought of Himself 20:19

Hezekiah was full of pride and self importance, this lead him to think only of himself and his comfort and not the next generation. Which lead to disaster and a series of Bad Kings after him. Can we be guilty of the same sin as Hezekiah? What steps can we take to ensure we don’t fall into this trap?

What can we learn from this?

Kingdoms Thrive

As we heed the warning here it is vital that we seek to flourish as Christians so the the next generation flourishes. In order for a Kingdom or church to thrive we need to grasp:

The Importance of:

  • Youth and Children’s Work

Read Psalm 145 what does this teach us about the importance of the next generation and our responsibility to them?

  • Discipleship

This is us becoming more like Jesus and introducing others to him. as the next generation see this in our lives we pray they will also seek to become more like Jesus too.

Note the example of Hezekiah 18:1-4. As we grow as disciples we remove and smash the idols from our lives. Even removing historical things that were good but we have made them into idols. Think of examples.  

Also note the example of Hezekiah in 18:5-7. Disciples of Jesus, trust in God, holding fast to him, following Jesus, keeping His commands. We look to God’s presence and for him to give success.

In difficult times like when the Assyrian army intimidated Judah, trying to destroy their fortitude, with their size, pride, their misunderstanding of God and pure misrepresentation of God. We see that Hezekiah went to the temple and he laid it all before the Lord and prayed, acknowledging God, recognising that other god’s are man made and calling on God to deliver.

What can we learn from this?

  • Preaching and Pastoral Care

As Hezekiah approached the word of God with humility, so must we.

God encouraged and challenged Hezekiah through His word. We must be prepared for God to do this with us.

Hezekiah responded to the word of God and it drove him to prayer. Does this challenge you?

Isaiah the prophet, although he brought Hezekiah a hard message, still he ministered to him practically and encouraged him with a sign. 20:1-11

What can we learn from this?

These 3 points all go together and feed each other, therefore let us prioritise them.

As we journey through the Bible let us ask, how does knowing this help me to become wise for salvation through faith in Jesus?

  1. What does it teach me? 
  2. How does it rebuke me?
  3. Is it correcting something in my life?
  4. What training can I put into place to help me live a righteous life?
  5. How is this equipping me for every good work?

Additional questions you may wish to consider for personal study or in Life Groups.


As I reflect what have I found interesting? 

As I reflect what has challenged my life, attitudes and actions

Is there one practical step I can apply to my life to help me to become more like Jesus?

How would this help me to introduce others to Jesus?

Is there there anything I need to pray about, explore further or extra help I need?

Is there someone I should share with, pray with or encourage?

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