Passage: Peter 5:1-4

As we have journeyed through the Bible from September a lot of what we have looked at some of the great leaders of the Old Testament Moses, Joshua, David. 

  • Moses called and equipped by God, spent time with God. He tried to make excuses but still God worked with him.  
  • Joshua who was encouraged to be strong and courageous in the face of a great responsibility, and powerfully called the people to follow God.  
  • David a man after God own heart, known as a leader and worshipper. 

Leaders are called by God 

Moses and David also had something else in common, they were both Shepherds, call by God to lead His people. 

Elders are Shepherds

This is what Peter calls church Elders to be.

Elders shepherd the ‘Flock of God’ – the church is God’s not ours

Elders Serve as overseers

Read Psalm 23 in the light of shepherds being leaders. How can Elders and Leaders live out the role of a Shepherd/overseer within the church?

The Elders Motivation

Peter also helps us to consider the Elders motivation.

In 1 Peter 5:2&3 we read a list of opposites concerning the Elders motivation, think about how each negative can damage the church and how the positive both cancels this out and enhances the church

Not under obligation but voluntarily  

Consider how Jesus called his disciples.

Not for greed but with zeal, energy, enthusiasm

Consider the difference between the Pharisees and Jesus

Not for power but to serve as an example

What do we learn from what Jesus says about ‘lording it over others’ in Mark 10:42-45?

The Elders Reward

1 Peter 5:4 tells us that their is eternal reward for serving as an Elders. The reality of Eldership is that it is rewarding and demanding but with the right motivation it is worth it.

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