Christmas – Names of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 – Jesus is Wonderful

Passages: Luke 2:8-20

This Christmas we will consider these names of Jesus found it Isaiah 9:6.

As we do we will be encouraged and challenged as they help us to connect with:

  • Who Jesus is
  • What he came to do
  • How we can experience the fulness of life when we let him govern our lives. 

As I considered our Christmas series a friend recommended Warren Wiersbe’s book “The Names of Jesus”. As i started to read it i was captured by these names and the transformational importance of personally seeing and experiencing Jesus in each of these ways.

If I’m honest it was the first name Wiersbe speaks about that sparked my imagination. As Christians we must see Jesus as ‘WONDERFUL’! If we truly desire to become more like Jesus it will only happen as we realise just how wonderful he is. Christmas is the right time for to us to rediscover the wonder of Jesus.

Read Luke 2:8-20 and think of the wonder of everything that happened.

Jesus is Wonderful

The wonder of his birth

  • The humility (God became human)
  • The angels declared it
  • The shepherds responded
  • The people marvelled
  • Mary treasured
  • The wise men brought gifts

The wonder of Jesus’ life

  • Miracles
  • Teaching and stories on the kingdom of heaven
  • Compassion
  • Power interactions
  • Bringer of hope
  • Challenged wrong thinking
  • Servant heart 

The wonder of his death, resurrection and ascension

  • Jesus died for us as our substitute
  • The cross a sign of disgrace and shame became the greatest sign of grace and honour 
  • We know forgiveness
  • Death is defeated
  • Hope has come

The wonder of our calling and purpose,

  • Saved
  • Followers
  • Transformed fishermen to fishers of men,
  • Servants
  • Disciple who make disciples
  • Witnesses

The wonder of Jesus within us 

The Presence and power of Holy Spirit within us

  • Counselor
  • Guide
  • Giver of discernment and words
  • The gifts 
  • The fruit 

As you consider the above, how does it help you connect with?

  • Who Jesus is?
  • What he came to do?
  • How we can these help us to experience the fulness of life when we let him govern our lives?

Find your wonder in Jesus 

I believe that wonder is important in our lives because, we think about, desire and chase after the things we find wonderful. What we find wonderful effects how we live, our thoughts, actions and motivations.

Think about this statement, do you agree or disagree and why?

What captures our wonder determines what we worship.

This is why this Christmas it is important that we honestly ask ourselves what captures my wonder and what is it doing to me? This may be a difficult process because we may be disappointed with the answers.

May we all find our wonder in Jesus because he is ‘WONDEFUL’ and think on him more, desire him more, chase after him more and become more like him.

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