The Beatitudes – Those Who Mourn


Passage: Matthew 5:4 ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’

As we prepare for the second of these Beatitudes of Jesus please consider these questions:

Who was in the crowd?

Imagine their experiences of mourning, especially within their society, what could they have mourned and how?

Reflect on your life, what have you mourned?

What does someone who is mourning most what?

Think about:

When you mourn what passages of Scripture help you? Note one of these is the comment section below.

As disciples what is our ultimate hope? 

How is this a comfort to us?

Check back on Sunday morning at 10.30am for the ‘Engage & Extend’ sections.

Engage & Extend

Mourning is a part of all our lives.

This verse shows us the pastoral heart of Jesus which speaks into the reality of human existence.  

Read Psalm 23, in it we see a picture of what living life as part of the kingdom of heaven looks like. As you read it note down all the elements of kingdom living which bring us comfort in mourning.  

Being part of the kingdom of heaven means we Love one another, therefore we comfort one another in times of mourning, so we need to:

  • Be Vulnerable 
  • Seek Help
  • Give Help

As we seek to become more like Jesus we are all to have this pastoral heart of Jesus and be a blessing to one another as we bring the comfort of the good new of Jesus. 

As a faith community how can we do this?

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