The Beatitudes – The Poor in Spirit


Passage: Matthew 5:1-3

As we prepare for Sundays message take some time to imagine the makeup of the crowds that where with Jesus, who was there, what type of people were they. Think about how as he looked at them, knowing their individual situations, He spoke from His heart straight into their situation, seeking to encourage the people about the blessings of the kingdom and living a repentant life.

Take some time to consider your understanding of ‘spirit’ in this passage. The New Bible Dictionary says this of spirit, “that dimension of the human personality whereby relationship with God is possible.”

Please check back here at 10.30am on Sunday morning for the Engage & Extend sections

Engage & Extend

As Jesus look over this crowd of people he saw them, he really saw them and in the Beatitudes he speaks straight to them, he loved them he came to earth from heaven for them he was going to die for them. He knew how they felt, not good enough for God. these were the common people, those told by the religious establishment they were not good enough.

But because of his compassion, healing and teaching they where there.

With love Jesus probably looked over the crowd paused and said:

Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Dallas Willard suggests this understanding of this verse:

“And so he said, “Blessed are the spiritual zeros—the spiritually bankrupt, deprived and deficient, the spiritual beggars, those without a wisp of ‘religion’—when the kingdom of the heavens comes upon them.””

In this Beatitude Jesus was saying he came for all. The wonder of the kingdom of heaven is that it is open to all.

As a church do we really believe this and does what we do in our ministries reflect this truth taught by Jesus?

I believe there is also another spiritual truth for us from this statement. Another challenge for us today. 

Jesus calls us to a radically new life as members of the kingdom of heaven. 

To live in the transforming power a repentant life as a member of the kingdom of heaven now. 

This can only happen when we:

Recognise our own spiritual poverty.

The danger of spiritual pride.

Think about what we can learn from the conversion of Paul and what he says in Philippians 3:4-11.

We Recognise our Spiritual Poverty and should be amazed by the: 

Role of Jesus 

The role of Jesus as our redeemer, who came to take us out of this condition of being poor in spirit.

Our Responsibility to live in the blessing of being part of the kingdom of heaven now

Read though Colossians 3:1-17 and see the change expected in Christians.

We are to growing in and showing the 

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • The fruit of the spirit

Relationship Builder

This week as we consider the poor in spirit

Set aside sometime this week to prayerfully consider these 3 Rs above. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you in each to challenge and encourage you as to how we can take on our responsibility to become more like Jesus.

Also consider how we orientate our Church ministries towards bringing the good news of the blessings of the kingdom of heaven to the poor in spirit.


Pray for 5

Part of loving one another is to pray for one another. 

Five x Five

Pray for 5 people these 5 things. 

Prayer hand 

Thumb – Strongest digit – pray they will be strong physical and spiritually

Pointer – pray they will point to Jesus in all they do

Tallest – stand up and stand out for what’s is right. Micah 6:8, love mercy, do justice, walk humbly with God. 

Ring finger – for their relationships with others, family, friends, work colleagues and God. 

Little finger – smallest and last – live a sacrificial life putting other before themselves. 


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