Mark 15:1-15

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Engage & Extend

As we open Scripture especially in the midst of a pandemic maybe more than ever we seek The Lord’s guidance, wisdom and good news as we live as Jesus’ disciples in the world. 

We can learn from Jesus and Pilate

  • How did Jesus endure the trial, the false accusations and mistreatment?
  • How did Jesus simply speak the truth and not fight back of justify himself?

Jesus knew his purpose

  • His message to repent and believe, that people would be transformed into his disciples
  • To bring hope, show compassion, telling about the kingdom of God,
  • To sacrifice giving his life for us, taking the punishment for our sins, so we could know heaven

As we face the coming days it is important today that we are reminded of our purpose

  • Love God
  • Love our neighbours 
  • Love one another
  • Be disciples, become more like Jesus 
  • Introduce others to Jesus
  • Bring the good news of the love of love, through compassion and sharing our stories of faith

How can we actively fulfil our purpose in this time?

Relationship Builder: Prayerfully consider what opportunities there are in your sphere of influence and write down the names of people Holy Spirit brings to your mind.

Jesus prayed 

The son of God knew that connection with God was vital

Jesus took time alone with God.

In Mark 14:35&36 in the face of his ultimate trial Jesus prayed, knowing God was all powerful, “Yet not what I will, but what you will.”

As we face the coming days it is important today that we pray, because in Mark 14:38 Jesus warns us, “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

  • Take time out to pray, time to adore, confess, thank and pray for others
  • build into our days rhythms of prayer

What steps do we need to put in place to help us pray?

Relationship Builder: Click here to click to some help on prayer on our website:


Hear also the warning from Pilate. He found no fault in Jesus but yet he listened to the crowd, wanting to please them.

The crowd around us is very loud, confusion, fear and anger. Let us be a people of peace, confident in our purpose and and strong in prayer as we seek to be a people transformed by Jesus and transforming with Jesus

What practices do we need to put in place to help us to not become distracted by the crowd?

Relationship Builder: A key thing that many are finding important these days is to restrict our consumption of news bulletins to what is necessary in order to be responsibly informed. Please share with one another privately other things that you are finding helpful.

Read through Colossians 3:1-17, how do these verses help us in light of what we have just looked at?

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