Colossians- Shema Part 4


Passage: Colossians 1:24-2:5

Ministry for Paul – Ministry for All

Heart for Ministry

  • Rejoice v24
    • Hardship 

Shema – pay attention & do

  • Ministry v25
    • Servant commissioned from God 
    • For the church 
    • To make the word of God fully known
    • For all people
    • The wonder of Christ in us v27
    • Hope and glory

Shema – pay attention & do

  • Message/Method
    • Proclaim Jesus 
    • Admonishing/Warning
    • Teaching

Shema – pay attention & do

  • Maturity
    • Everyone perfect/mature in Christ 
    • Holy Spirit work within us 

Shema – pay attention & do

  • Family
    • Heart for brothers and sisters
    • Their hearts encouraged
    • United together in love

Shema – pay attention & do

  • The challenges
    • False teachers, the truth attacked

Shema – pay attention & do

  • Rejoice in others’ discipleship

Shema – pay attention & do

Personal Discipleship Activity / Relationship Builder

Paul played a very particular role at a crucial point in history and had a very specific ministry (1:24-29), but all Jesus-followers (called ‘saints’ by Paul (e.g. Col 1:26, 1 Cor. 1:2) – people regarded by God as Holy and set apart, because they are in Jesus and being made holy) can play a part in in the journey of others who are coming to understand ‘the mystery … kept hidden for ages and generations, …. now disclosed/made known  to the saints’ (1:26-27).

Time to Shema …

Making a Start –

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Chinese Proverb try one or more of these, as you feel able:

💡Pray for Three  

Sit silently for a few moments and ask God to bring to your mind three people you know who don’t yet know Jesus. 




Devise a way of reminding yourself to pray regularly for these people. (You may find it helpful to incorporate time in your life group meetings to pray for these three people (or more, if more have come to your mind!)  either silently or aloud, as a way to encourage one another to persevere.)

💡Who’s seeking?

Asked to account for why she has been instrumental in so many people coming to faith, Jackie Pullinger once commented that she simply asked God to lead her to those who were looking for him. Ask God this and keep alert for any answers!

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