Colossians – Shema


Passage: Colossians 1:1-2

Paul is:

  • a messenger of Jesus 
  • Called by God 

The church is:

  • Holy set apart by God 
  • Faithful 
  • Family 

The greeting is Powerful:

  • Grace
  • Peace

Like Paul we are:

  • messengers of Jesus 
  • Called by God 

We are the church, we are:

  • Holy set apart by God 
  • Faithful 
  • Family 

The Power of God for us:

  • Grace
  • Peace


As we seek to apply the principle of ‘Shema – to pay attention and do‘, reflect on this short passage:

  • What is God asking you to pay attention to?
  • What can you do in response to this?
  • How do you greet people? What does this say about you and your attitude towards them?

Person Discipleship Activity (PDA)

Relationship Builder (RB)

Create a bit of time to read Colossians through several times this week, highlighting what you strikes you about Jesus.

  1. What things you might do to follow him better … become more like him, be a better disciple? (Don’t fall into the trap of inducing guilt in yourself as you do this; but approach it rather as looking upwards with him at possibilities or stepping onto a path together, a path that he wants to walk with you.)
  2. What ways is Jesus unique? (In what ways can he not be imitated?)

We will reflect on these ideas as part of our evening service on Sunday 5 January. So, try to give it a bit of a go and maybe factor coming along next Sunday evening as a priority in your schedule for the week, if you can.


Click here to find the book in three different translations online:;ESVUK;MSG

(Notice the sound button, if listening works better for you.)

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