Christmas 3


Passage: Isaiah 9:2-7

Theme: The Promise of a Saviour

As we prepare on Sunday read through the passage, within it we see God telling his people and us that hope will come, God will provide a light in the darkness, prayerfully mediate on the titles and roles given to Jesus in verses 6 and 7. Also note how important all of this is to God in the last sentence.


Reality v2

  • the world
  • walking in darkness
  • living in the shadow of death
  • God will bring light

Blessing v3

  • Joy

Miracle v4

  • As with Gideon God will give freedom

Peace v5

  • Tools of war and oppression destroyed

God reveals the Saviour’s Divine Wisdom, Power and Accomplishments v6

Wonderful Counsellor

  • counselor, adviser, one who gives advice and direction, with the implication that the advice given is wise and valuable.

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

  • peace, safety, prosperity, well-being; intactness, wholeness; peace can have a focus of security, safety which can bring feelings of satisfaction, well-being, and contentment.

God will set his saviour on the throne v7

  • Ruling with justice and righteousness
  • Forever

The Zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this

Darkness to Light and us


As we seek to apply this wonderful passage about Jesus to our everyday lives, we are challenged by our Church vision which has at its core, us seeking to become more like Jesus and introducing others to Jesus. The major theme of this passage is that Jesus will bring people from darkness to light, this passage calls Jesus the Prince of Peace and tell us that he will rule with justice and righteousness, how can we seek to be join with Jesus in this? What areas of our lives do we need to change so that we become more like Jesus as peace bringers, helping to bring people from darkness to light?

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