Christmas 2


Reading: Genesis 22:13-18

Theme: The Substitute

As we prepare for next Sunday read through the first part of the chapter to get a picture of that is going on. We see three principles at work here, the testing of Abraham, Abraham’s faith and that The Lord will provide a substitute. As you read put yourself in Abraham’s shoes and consider the range of emotion he felt throughout this journey. Take some time to consider how we are part of the promise God made to Abraham in verse 18 and our responsibilities.


As we seek to apply this passage to our lives, it is important that we first grasp how Jesus being our substitute benefits us. Second understand that because of the life and work of Jesus as his disciples we are called like Abraham to be obedient and to be a blessing to the world around us, carefully consider how you are doing in these two aspects of discipleship. God wants us to demonstrate our discipleship at all times and we can take encouragement from the fact that God still used Abraham even though he made many mistakes, in the end Abraham’s faith shone through.

Take some time to prayerfully read through James 2:14-26.

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