Mark 14:66-72


As we prepare for Sunday read through Mark 14:66-72, we know this account of Peter disowning Jesus well and can stand in judgement of Peter but this time as you read it have sympathy for Peter, carefully considering all he had experienced in the last few days and the horror of the moment he was in.

Engage with Mark 14:66-72

What do we learn from Peter’s failure?

    1. He could have seen it coming… Watch & Pray: Really seeing what’s going on.
    2. He couldn’t stop it… A challenge and a lesson: Brave but Human.
    3. It saved his life… Jesus is the hero who meets us in our failures.

Extend – Something to do in light of what I’ve heard:

Taking time to Watch & Pray…

In what area of my life, or circumstance that I’m facing, do I need to Watch & Pray? Opening myself up to what God is saying? To really reflect on it & hand whatever it is I am facing over to him. 

Read the situation… 

See it for what it is, notice what’s going on, on the surface. Eyes open to what’s happening

Reflect on the situation… 

Go deeper, mull it over, try to unpack what you see. Go beneath the surface and understand what’s really happening

Respond to the situation… 

Take it to God, what you see, think & feel about this situation… ask God to be ultimate in this, to meet you in this moment and give you what you need

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