Mark 14:27-42 – Following God is tough


The warning v27&30

  • All would fall away
  • Peter would disown Jesus 

The denial v29&31

  • Peter thought he was tough, the strongest

Peter’s response v32-42

He fell asleep knowing:

  • He would disown Jesus that evening 
  • Jesus would soon die
  • Jesus’ anguish at that moment 

Under pressure Peter denied Jesus

Our faith is under pressure 

How do we deny Jesus?

  • When we don’t deny ourselves

The temptation to deny Jesus is real

The spirit is willing but to body is weak v38

We can think we are strong and do nothing (Col 3, Eph 6)

Jesus told them to watch and pray

The example of Jesus v32-42

As we follow God’s plans Prayer is essential 

  • Physical
    • Wanted friends near him
    • Fell to the ground
  • Honest
    • With friends
    • With God
  • Relationship with God 
    • abba – my father (personal)
    • father – father of all (global)
    • Acknowledged that God is in control
  • Wanted relief
    • Fully God and fully man
  • Humbly followed God’s plan
    • Yet not want I will, but what you will
  • Persisted 
    • 3 times Jesus prayed
  • Jesus was strengthened by an angel
    • Prayed more earnestly


The hope v28

  • Jesus would rise from the dead and they would see him again
  • Restoration


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