Communion – Mark 14:12-31


On Sunday our passage from Mark corresponds with our communion service.

In communion we remember God’s grace to us in and through Jesus.

An important part of taking communion is preparing to take it.

Read the warning Paul gives in 1 Corinthians 11:28&29.

Take time over the next few days to examine your heart, life and motivation.


This meal was important to Jesus  

Jesus asked them to do something unusual

  • They did it

Jesus pointed out that someone would betray him

  • Still he shared the Passover meal with them
  • Consequences


Solemn – reminding us of our sin and the price Jesus paid to to take our punishment

Joyful – Jesus was able to take the punishment and reconcile us to God

Sign – of God’s grace shown to us in Jesus Christ

Remembrance – a memorial of Jesus’ death

Communion – spiritual union with Jesus

Proclamation – that we are Jesus’

As we take communion

Bread – Jesus’ body – his presence and life

Eulogy – Blessing

  • Speak well of Jesus, bless him

Wine – Jesus’ blood – the forgiveness of sin

Eucharist – Give thanks

  • For the sacrifice of Jesus and what forgiveness means to you

We remember

Past – sacrifice of Jesus

Present – communion with Jesus

Future – the return of Jesus


As we reflect on communion this week prayerfully reflect on the above points on what communion means to us and how we respond to it.

Try and take an extended time this week to bless Jesus and give thanks to him.

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