Sunday 16th June – Mark 13:1-37


Theme: End Times

Mark 13:1-37

When reading this passage we quickly see that it is a difficult passage to understand and we may also know that it is interrupted in many different ways.

As we read it this week let us also note and carefully consider its encouragements and warnings to us as disciples.

The warnings about being deceived, being hated and persecuted.

The encouragements to be on our guard (3 times), the gospel will be preached to all nations, the Holy Spirit will speak for us, to stand firm, Jesus will return so we must be ready.


Living and Witnessing in the End Times

One commentator points out “There are nineteen imperatives (commands) in vv.5-37. This makes it abundantly clear that the main purpose of the discourse is not to satisfy curiosity about the future but to give practical, ethical teaching. In this discourse Jesus combines eschatology with exhortation, with the emphasis on the latter. He is preparing his disciples–and beyond them the church–to live and to witness in a hostile world.”

Commands Jesus gives us

  • Be watchful / be on our Guard  
    • v5 – That no one deceives you 
    • v9 – You will be handed over
    • v23 – Do not believe false Christs and prophets, Jesus has told us everything
    • v33 – Be ready for the return of Jesus
  • Don’t be Alarmed, such things must happen v7
  • Do not Worry, before hand about what to say v11
  • Say, what is given by the Holy Spirit v11
  • Pray, that the trouble will not be bad? v18
  • Do not believe false, Christs and prophets v21&22
  • Learn – v28
  • Keep awake / alert / Watch vs 33, 34, 35, 37
    • do not let him find you sleeping

Promises Jesus gives us

  • Trouble will come
    • For the world v7&8
    • For disciples v9, 11, 12
  • Disciples will witness/testify v9
  • The gospel will be preached to all the nations v10
  • Disciples will be hated, because of Jesus v13
  • We stand firm/endure knowing we will be saved v13
  • God will help his people v11, 20
  • The true people of God will stand firm v22
  • Jesus will return v26
  • God will gather his people v27
  • Disciples have been given responsibility and a Task/Work v34

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