Sunday 9th June – Who is Jesus?


Mark 12:35-40

As we come into this passage we have seen that Jesus has been under a sustained attack from the religious leaders, one of the main reasons for this was because they didn’t recognise who he was. 

As you read this passage note how Jesus is showing the people that the Christ is more than just the son of David but the Lord. In doing this he was pointing to their misunderstanding of who the Christ would be, and pointing to who he was, Jesus the Christ.

As you continue reading, contrast what we know about Jesus and the behaviours and attitude of the teachers of the law. It is no wonder they didn’t realise who Jesus was if that was how they though a leader acted.


Who is Jesus?

Jesus is showing us that he is the Lord chosen by God

  • Who do you believe Jesus is?
    • Son of David
    • Lord

As Jesus warns the people about the teacher of the law, we can see how they were the opposite of Jesus

Who are you more like?

  • Teachers of the law 

    • Set apart from the people
    • Pride
    • Loved attention
    • Desired position and honour
    • Devoured widows for personal gain
    • Showy prayers
  • Jesus 

    • One of the people 
    • Humble 
    • Shunned attention
    • Selfless
    • Helped the weak
    • Powerful personal prayer life

Who we believe Jesus to be will determine who we are like!

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