Sunday 26th May – Mark 12:18-34


Passage: Mark 12:18-34

Theme: The greatest

As we read this weeks passage it is important that we see past the Sadducees long and twisted question,

Consider Jesus’ challenge to them about why they are in error and also the wonderful truths of heaven and about God.

As you read the second section of our passage, which is very well known, meditate on your love for God and your neighbour.


The greatest promise

  • The truth of the resurrection
  • God is the God of the living

The greatest warning

  • Not knowing the Scriptures
  • Not knowing the power of God

The greatest command

  • God is one
  • God is first

Therefore we Love God with all our:

  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Mind
  • Strength

The second greatest commandment

  • Love your neighbour as yourself

Love for our neighbour flows from our love for God

  • If we are not loving our neighbour there is something wrong in our love for God
  • Hebrews 12:1-2 – What hinders us?

“Lord, help me to want to love you.”

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