Sunday 7th April – Mark 10:32-45 – Rob Gamble

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Passage: Mark 10:32-45

Title: Pride

Next week we see that, once again, Jesus explains to the disciples what will ultimately happen to him. Again, they don’t fully understandand he is met with a strange request…

Why do the disciples still not understand?

What could be causing them to focus more on themselves and their own plans rather than Jesus?


1. Pride causes a split within ourselves.

2. Pride causes a split in our relationship with others.

  • By becoming a servant and a slave we can mend this.

3. Pride causes a split between us and God.

  • Only by letting go of ourselves and looking to Jesus can this be mended.


1. Read Psalm 131:1-3. What are some of your reflections? Notice in verse 1 David’s desire to not be filled with pride or to be haughty (arrogant & filled with distain) Also notice in verses 2&3 how David fights this, through peace, contentment & placing his hope in God.

Are there times in life when you can be haughty? Where do you find peace? What do you put our hope in?

2. Servant & Slave – Jesus challenges us to live a life that’s ‘upside down’. To be great we must serve & to be first we must become a slave.

Are there people in your life that you see these ‘upside down’ qualities in? 

Why not share with them that you see these qualities?

Are there people in your life where it’s tough to have the attitude of being a servant?

Spend some time praying about this. Think about sharing your thoughts it with a christian friend.

3. Giving Jesus access – When Eustace became a dragon there was nothing he could do to change it, it was only by seeing Aslan for who he really was, trusting him and being totally vulnerable to him with his life that he was healed.

Are you truly vulnerable with God? Is there an area of your life that you hold back, cling on to and control? Do you really trust Jesus for who he claims to be and what he can do in your life?


As you finish, think through this passage, how can it help you to become more like Jesus and introduce others to him.

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