Sunday 31st March – Mark 10:13-31

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Passage: Mark 10:13-31

Title: Receive the Kingdom

Theme: These passages focus on the Kingdom of God, as we read them see the love of Jesus throughout. 

First we see that we are to accept the Kingdom like a child, what do you think this means?

Next we see what can stop us accepting the kingdom, allow the Holy Spirit to challenge you about your priorities. 


Receive the Kingdom

1. The encouragement

• Receive the kingdom like a child

• Love – Jesus whats to receive people

• Live as part of the kingdom

2. The warning

• Forgetting and focus

• Hindering others, the next generation and those who are not in the kingdom

3. What stops us receiving?

• Priorities

• doing

• wealth

4. Nothing is impossible with God

• The love of Jesus

• God is counter cultural

• Faith in Jesus not keeping rules

5. The reward

• The wonder of church family now

• The reality of the challenges of discipleship

• The wonder and joy of eternal life


In this passage we see two responses to the children:

    The disciples, hindered the children.
    Jesus, welcomed them with open arms and blessed them.

How does this challenge us when we consider how we welcome children, the next generation and those who don’t know Jesus?

Are we prepared to let go of our personal preferences to ensure there is nothing we do that hinders others? What might this look like?

On Sunday we thought about receiving the kingdom of God like a child.

  • Following on from that we were challenged that as a child matures so must Christians, so that we are becoming more and more like Jesus.
  • How are you maturing as a disciple, as you look back over the last year can you see how you are more like Jesus today?

We see in verse 21 that Jesus loved him, therefore everything Jesus said was from a place of love, a heart felt desire to see this man enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • In this episode of the rich young man Jesus challenges him and us about our priorities.
  • Like this man we can be tempted to make salvation all about ourselves, rules and what we do, see verse 17?
  • Jesus also challenged him about his wealth, it is easy for our wealth to become the priority in our lives, what steps do we need to take to stop this happening? See also Matthew 6:19-21.
  • Stephen mentioned importance of tithing, what are your thoughts on tithing?

Notice the beauty of Jesus’ interactions with this man, how he started with the doing commandments (5-10) verse 19. Then in his challenge to the man to give everything to the poor, Jesus was challenging him to keep the first 4 commandments which are all about have God as the priority in your life.

In verses 28-31 Jesus affirms the disciples about the rewards of following him, the certainty of eternal life and the wonder and joy of church family now, as well as the reality of the challenges of discipleship.

  • How do these assurances help you on your journey of discipleship?


As you finish, think through this passage, how can it help you to become more like Jesus and introduce others to him.

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