Sunday 17th March – Mark 9:38-50

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Passage: Mark 9:38-50

Title: Lessons for Disciples 

Theme: Disciples don’t limit the work of God and take seriously our calling to become more like Jesus.

As you read through verses 38-41 think about what Jesus was teaching the disciples about the work of God being bigger than them and consider why they stopped the man. 

Prayerfully read through verses 42-50 and ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern what this teaching may mean for you.  


Lessons for disciples

Disciples don’t limit the work of God 

  • God’s work is greater than us
  • Humility
  • People of peace
  • Reward for those who help disciples

Disciples take seriously our calling to become more like Jesus 

  • Causing others to sin
  • Continuing in our sin

The importance of our: 

  • Hands – what we do
  • Feet – where we go
  • Eyes – what we see


This passage has many lessons for us, as you can see from the Engage Section, and therefore a lot of application. 

As you think about not limiting the work of God:

  • Do you struggle with jealousy and resentment within or outside the church and ministry?
  • Have you struggled with pride and been critical of ministries God is blessing?

If so, bring these feelings to God, asking him to help you deal with and confess them. 

Stephen said “we need to see where God is blessing and jump on board.” He spoke about finding people of peace, ministries in the community which are doing mighty works for God and discover how we can support, pray for and join them. 

Think about our community and personal spheres of influence, where can we as individuals and a church get involved, and add to the blessing?

The next section is very challenging as it calls us to take sin seriously, both causing others to sin and continuing in our sin.  

  • What ways can we cause others to sin?
  • Carefully examine your life, actions, words, attitudes in light of this verse. 

If you are a Christian ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern in this area of causing others to sin, confess it and change to become more like Jesus. 

Next we are challenged us about continuing in our own sin and the reality of heaven and hell.

Jesus’ words show us the lengths we need to go to to remove the sin, we don’t chop off a body part but the reality is that changing a sinful practice can be hard and painful.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern what is causing you to continue in sin:

  • Things you do
  • Places you go
  • What you see

What practical steps are you going to put into place to help you elimate these sins?

Defeating sin isn’t easy maybe you have a friend or Life Group who can help and pray with you. 

Finally consider how Jesus used his, hands, feet and eyes, in his ministry.

As we learn from Jesus it helps us to become more like him and introduce others to him.

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