Mark 9:33-37

Extend – Applying God’s word to our lives

This is a short but radically life changing teaching of Jesus. It comes around as Jesus responded to an argument the disciples had about “Who was the greatest?”

  • Think about, the idea that the heart behind this question/argument, is dangerous and that it leads to many of the world troubles.  

Problems like: Racism, Sectarianism, Wars

Problems in: Society, Workplaces, Families, Churches

  • Also consider the challenge we find here, that the disciples were arguing and ultimately ashamed when Jesus confronted them because they were focused on the wrong thing.

Jesus’ teaching here was the polar opposite to the disciples argument.

Jesus calls to us all to live by the principle of “Last and Servant of all”.

  • How do we see the principle in Jesus and how does it help us to understand the teaching of Jesus about his betrayal, death and resurrection? John 1:1-4, Colossians 1:15-17, 1 Peter 3:18, Philippians 2:5-8

One commentator says: In Jesus we see the rejection of Power in favour of service to one another. Service in the Gospels and in the ministry of Jesus takes its starting point from the example of Jesus on the cross-Ultimate act of love Considering the price he paid, his followers should be willing to serve humbly and care for one another. 

We need to honestly ask ourselves:

  • Are we here to be served or to serve?
  • How are we actively serving?

Remember a servant doesn’t get to choose how they serve, the master choses and then equips – like us with the Holy Spirit and Gifts.

  • In our hearts do we want to be first? Do we want to be the greatest?
  • How are we actively putting others first?

Take a moment to imagine a church where this is taken seriously in our Church and community.

  • As we seek to apply this principle of “Last and servant of all” how does it help us to become more like Jesus and fulfil our churches vision?


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